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Mootes Beard Wash Oc Drive 100Ml


Thoroughly clean the beard hair and the sensitive facial skin underneath, care for it gently, supply it with important nutrients, make the beard look good and smell pleasant at the same time: no more beard shampoo needs to be able to do more – but in our opinion it should not offer less. Because hardly a simple shampoo can do that, we developed Mootes Beardwash. It is 100 percent made in Switzerland and contains only high-quality natural ingredients. Would you like a taste?


Patchouli, Vanille, Bitterorange, Ocean Drive, Ylang-Ylang

Unlike many other manufacturers, at Mootes Beardwash we deliberately do not rely on questionable palm oil, but rather from detergent substances – so-called surfactants – which are obtained from coconut fatty acids. This is not only good for the environment because the surfactants are completely biodegradable. You also benefit from it. Because these surfactants are the perfect choice for sensitive skin and avoid irritating skin irritations. At the same time, they clean thoroughly and very gently and are characterized by excellent foaming properties. We combine these surfactants with olive and sage leaf extracts, which support the regeneration of the skin and smooth it naturally. We also add real marshmallow root and golden bamboo to moisturize your facial skin and reduce wrinkles. So that you and your beard smell good and ocean-fresh, we also offer Mootes Beardwash in the Ocean Drive variant. With this fresh fragrance we think of a wonderful stay by the sea, where we first relax on the sandy beach, then plunge into the cool azure blue waters and then end the day in a beach bar with a tropical drink. Tart grapefruit, citrus-fresh bergamot and fruity bitter orange are primarily responsible for the fragrance experience. Patchouli, ylang-ylang and vanilla round off Ocean Drive with an exotic sweetness and pleasant warmth. 100 ml Mootes Beardwash Ocean Drive are contained in each glass bottle. A practical dispenser ensures the optimal dosage. Test our beard shampoo and experience for yourself how good it is for your beard and your facial skin.

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